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Through this project we aim to address Haringey’s 40:20 agenda (to reduce the carbon emissions of the borough by 40% by 2020) and increase access to green skills and jobs in Tottenham.

The Green Hub at The Selby

The Community Energy Lab is one of 3 projects incubated by the Selby Centre as part of its goal of becoming a ‘Green Hub’. The other 2 projects are Wood Works Wonders and The Global Garden.

The Challenge

There are approximately 92,000 households in Haringey;

With 30% in socially rented accommodation;

45% are owner occupiers;

20% in private rented accommodation.

The UK must cut carbon emissions by 80% by 2050.

27% of all emissions are produced from our homes, 10% from older homes alone.

In Haringey at least 55% of the homes are in the older homes category. At least 80% of old buildings will still exist in 2050. In 2011 electricity and gas prices rose between 5% and 15%, with further price rises inevitable.

Contact Us

If you are interested in finding out more about our services or volunteering and training opportunities please do contact us.

The Community Energy Lab operates out of the Selby Centre in North Tottenham.

We are also online.

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