How we can help;

The Community Energy Lab can come to your home and do a free survey to identify what energy efficient measures can be installed.

Once you have had time to choose what would suite you best, we can arrange for our team to come and install the energy efficient package. The whole process from first call to installation should take about 6 weeks.

We want our service to be available to as many people as possible, and so have pricing options for people in different circumstances;

Able to pay customers will pay the full price for the service, which we guarantee will be cost effective and good quality.

Landlords and tenantscan combine their resources as both receive mutual benefit.

People on benefits meeting certain requirements can have the service at a low cost or even free.

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Solutions we provide;

Ventilation losses can be reduced by installing Draught-proofing which is relativity easy to install;

Heat lost through the roof can be reduced by installing loft insulation, we are happy to work with hard to treat lofts, so if you have a lot of boxes up there, give us a call;

Windows and doors can be replaced, have secondary glazing installed or even a thick pair of curtain in the wintertime can help;

Walls can be internally or externally insulated, if you are thinking about decorating a room, then it is advisable to consider internally insulating, external insulation is much less disruptive however quite expensive;

Floors can be insulated around the perimeter of the building, or under or between a suspended floor.

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